The Dog Collar Controversy 

 I am often asked why I am so against the use of choke, pinch and shock collars. I hear statements such as: “There is nothing wrong with these tools as long as you are using them properly.”  Or… “Any tool in the wrong hands can be used in an abusive manner.”  And this one, which I find especially frustrating… “I give my dog a treat after a correction so I am using positive reinforcement.”

When you are training a dog, the dog is working either to gain something he finds desirable or working to avoid or stop…

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Choosing a Dog Trainer 

Did you know... 
Dog training is an unregulated business! 
You can open a business today and call yourself a dog trainer! 
There are no qualifications, certifications or licenses required! 

Although not required by law, there are trainer certifications available. There are also numerous trainers associations, educational institutes and animal welfare organizations that promote and teach only safe, positive, science based training. I suggest you Google some of these groups to find out more...


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Thinking About Trying a Shock Collar? 

They have many harmless sounding names …e-collars, remote collars, electronic collars. The truth is …they are shock collars and they are specifically designed to work by causing pain and fear. Unfortunately, there are many "trainers" promoting them as a "fix" for just about every undesirable dog behavior and the general pet owning public is not aware of the potential side effects these products can have on their dog.

There are big profits to be made by the manufacturers of these products and by "trainers"…

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Shelter Dog Training -Turn Training Sessions into Fun Play Sessions  

Every time we interact with a dog, or any living creature, training is taking place. This is important to keep in mind when working with dogs at the shelter. The behaviors a dog practices and learns while in the shelter environment can make a huge difference in whether or not the dog will be adopted and remain in his new home.
It’s a simple matter of behavioral science …dogs will repeat behaviors that are rewarded! We can teach a shelter dog to bark, jump, and drag us to the play yard. Or we can teach him…Read more

Responsibilities of a Professional Dog Trainer 

What kind of dog trainer would tell a dog owner they have only two choices - either put a shock collar on your dog or go buy her a hamburger before you take her to be euthanized!  This trainer told the owner her dog was aggressive and the only way to “fix” it was with a shock collar. The owner felt she had no choice so she trusted the trainer, resulting in even more trauma to a dog already on emotional overload.

This dog owner is an intelligent, receptive woman who was seeking professional help for a fairly…Read more